AbstractUnknownBoy Lives

About 20 months since I announced the death of AbstractUnknownBoy, and I spot a link on Facebook posted by a good friend of mine. It took me to the blog of Seldom Seen Kid, who retired Giving It My Utmost some time ago. It appears he’s back. In support of his return, I intend to resurrect AbstractUnknownBoy and write alongside my friend until his project succeeds in attaining it’s goal. Watch this space…

Poor Young Londoners

We need your help! Every day, countless young professionals struggle to pay for their evening pint. They then pay through the nose to travel home to their filthy shoebox flat where they are charged for every step they take, and every poop they make. Your donation could help a poor little individual live in luxury for another day.

You’d think there was some sort of crisis in the capital the way BBC London presented its ‘news’ story this evening. Those earning between 25 and 35 thousand pounds per anum are struggling to make ends meet. Big surprise! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to listen to a ‘Londoner’ moan about ‘being poor’ because of high rent, food prices and transport costs. Well here’s what everyone’s been waiting for with baited breath since time began… You don’t like the cost of living in London? Try this. Don’t live there. It really is that simple. Some simple research – or ‘googling’ – reveals that instead of a dingy room in a ramshackle flat above Londis you share with two Italians who don’t speak English and a girl who refuses to wash, (in true Bullseye style) let’s have a look at what you could have won! For the same monthly rent you could be living in a 4 bedroom detached house in Manchester or making monthly mortgage repayments on a 2 bed house in Nottingham. That’s right, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to live in London to ‘make it’, and if you don’t like it move to the grim North, or at least shut up about it and come to terms with the terrible decision you made more quietly.

AbstractUnknownBoy Is Dead

Well, that’s not strictly true. Only this eponymous blog is dead. AbstractUnknownBoy lives on, but I feel my time here has come to a natural end. This is the 141st and final post on my first ever blog. I have written on subjects from sports, politics, and current affairs through to music, humour and things which make me angry. However, after just 2 posts in about a month and a half – one of which was merely 2 photographs – the time feels right for me to move on, find a niche, stick to it and develop myself in a specific field of blogging. It’s been fun, but now I’m moving on to something new. Keep an eye out for my new blog once it becomes live and I hope to see you all again soon. Until then…


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